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Maryland Minute 12.18.09 - Bruce Campbell Fallout

This man will be long gone next year.
This man will be long gone next year.

Maryland confirms Campbell's departure - D1SCOURSE
It's official. Bye bye Bruce.

Mocking the Draft on Bruce Campbell
Even more:

Campbell certainly has the frame and athleticism to be something special at 6-foot-7 and 310 pounds. What really held him back this year were multiple injuries, including turf toe and an issue with his medial collateral ligament. Campbell has also started only a year and a half for Maryland.

They put Campbell as the 3rd best tackle. That's first round potential, definitely.

Bob Knight Lashes Out Against John Calipari, NCAA
No one ever said Knight didn't have his own faults, but I commend him here. He has a definite point on Calipari's shadiness and the fact that two schools are on probation, yet he's scotch-free.

No, not really Maryland-related, but I thought you'd find it interesting.

Happy Holidays from Maryland Athletics
There were three awesome parts of this video. Other than that, meh.

WVU Visited Trevor Cooney Thursday
I'd absolutely love to land Cooney. Don't like that WVU visited him, obviously, but that doesn't mean Gary didn't. Still, not a fan of Huggy Bear.

In hoops recruiting, WVU head coach Bob Huggins was in Delaware on Tuesday recruiting junior shooting guard Trevor Cooney. Cooney is one of the top shooters in the Class of 2011, with great size and good athleticism. He'd be a big get, though there has been some buzz for a while that Syracuse and Villanova will be tough to beat. Notre Dame is pushing hard also for Cooney.

Mychal Parker Returns Home
Nice column on a Terp-to-be.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Couple of interesting notes here, especially on the football side.

MD is Fifth in Director's Cup Standings
I don't care too much about it, but if Maryland wants to win this thing, lacross is going to have to come up big.