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Bruce Campbell Officially Enters Draft, Weakens Maryland Offensive Line Even More

Maryland's highly-touted, athletic starting left tackle, Bruce Campbell, has officially entered the NFL draft, departing from College Park a year early.

Campbell, who stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 310 pounds, said he has been told he could be drafted from the middle of the first round to the middle of the second.

"I feel I can be something special and this is best for me," Campbell said. "I have good size and I can protect the quarterbacks' blind side. I played defensive line in high school so I can also think like a defensive player, which is an advantage."

Shame, because Bruce could've dominated next year. Early prediction: he'll dominate the combine and end up a top 10 pick based solely on potential. ESPN has him going at #13 ($), and Walter Football has him at #6. Best of luck to him in the league.

Unfortunately, this has extreme negative repercussions for Maryland next year. Campbell could've completely dominated that side of the line, taking a line that was mediocre at best and make it pretty okay. Now, I'm not sure the line will see all that much improvement from last year, and literally every single position is in flux.

Early prediction for next year: Paul Pinegar-Andrew Gonnella-Bennett Fulper-Lamar Young-R.J. Dill.

No, that doesn't sound good.