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Pesky Maryland to Big East Expansion Rumor Pops Up Again

Of course it would. Via the Boston Globe:

If it wants a ninth football-playing school, don't be surprised if the Big East - which is still irritated at the raid the ACC pulled a few years ago by taking Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College - made a run at Maryland, which has always felt the ACC was too skewed to the South, specifically North Carolina.

The premise here is basically that, if the Big Ten expands, the Big East will be the only eastern conference without 12 teams, and thus the only eastern conference without a championship game. They'll need to expand in some sense, and one way to do it is dividing up to football/basketball division and expanding football (according to this guy).

The most logical team, to them? Maryland.

Really, there's no reason it shouldn't be. Boston College would be #1, but they just switched and another change isn't happening. Maryland is right in the area of the other Big East schools, isn't in love with its own conference, and provides a solid mix of football and basketball respectability.

But from Maryland's side, it makes no sense. Moving to a conference with less prestige in worse economic position (usually) has no real advantage, unless the coaches are so pissed at Tobacco Road that they want to be rid of the conference altogether. The Big East would have to pay Maryland a handsome sum to join the conference, and I'm not sure they're in the economic position to do it right now.

On the pro side, there are some positives. First, the basketball matchups would be amazing. Give me yearly matchups with Georgetown, Villanova, and Syracuse, please. I'm good with that. It would also be nice to play West Virginia and Rutgers in football every year - maybe, in a conference Maryland isn't the red-headed stepchild with Boston College, they could develop a real rival. Geographically, the football division makes more sense, and, if they could do some major reorganizing, I can see how it could attractive.

That said, I'm not at all a fan of the idea simply because the Big East has fewer big money opportunities, especially in football. It probably won't happen, and it doesn't make sense economically. Also, keep in mind that it's speculation, albeit speculation that could be right. However, people seem to enjoy discussing this, so I figured I'd dedicate a post to it.

A story on the WT story on hoops assistants should be rolling out soon.