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Maryland Minute 12.16.09 - All Decade Stuff

Any time I get to use this picture, it's a good day.
Any time I get to use this picture, it's a good day.

Juan Dixon Named Reserve on All-Decade Team -

My one gripe? Duke has three starters on the all-decade team. I know I'm being biased here but I'd take Dixon over any one of those three any day. 

Maryland vs. Duke 2006 Title Match: Best Game of the Decade

No argument there. The image of Kristi Toliver hitting the game-tying three over Alison Bales' outstretched arms will be etched in Terps fans' minds for a long time.  

Dook's "Miracle Minute" Over MD: #4 CBB Moment of the Decade

Hands down the worst I have felt after a sporting event.  Ever. 

Maryland's Top 10 Basketball Moments - WT

Also see football. They're actually pretty obvious to me. - Ben B.

Status quo at Maryland? - Dinich

Yep - everyone's staying until signing day, of course, and probably later. I don't like the message it sends, but, after waiting a year to make a replacement, you'd hope the hire would be pretty big. - Ben B.

CFN All-ACC Team

Wujciak is the lone representative. Thought Torrey Smith could've at least been one of the best 30 overall players. - Ben B.

RTC Writer Picks the Terps as a New Team

Should we warn him?