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Maryland Minute 12.15.09 - Way Too Early Bracketology

"Are you kidding me, Joe Lunardi?  Bracketology in December??"
"Are you kidding me, Joe Lunardi? Bracketology in December??"

Credit to Ben B. for most of the links today.

First Bracketology Out

Way too early for this %#@$, but Maryland's not there. We'll get there by the end of the year if they have a winning record in conference and don't lose any more OOC.  

Maryland has work to do on defense

Your logic is entirely flawed, there, Eric, but I agree with the end result.

"Defensively, just one-on-one defense, helping, pretty much the whole defensive end, we need to really kind of straighten out in practice, because we're going to score points," Hayes said. "We're going to get our offense. If we can get better on the defensive end, it will lead to more offense for us."

We're going to score a lot, so we need to play better defense to score more.

Maryland 4th in Local Poll

They're predicting a loss to W&M.

A solid start to the season for Milbourne - Terrapins Insider

Solid is a good way to describe it, though I'd probably say very slightly above-average for him is better.

My Take:  I think we're going to be missing Milbourne a lot more than people realize next year. 

Bruce Campbell Goes at #12 in McShay's Mock

Wow, that seems like a massive reach to me. Bye bye, Bruce.  

The ACC Hot List - ACC Official Site

Some real interesting stuff here.

1. The ACC is the top-ranked conference in the Sargarin Computer Rankings and second in the RPI.

2. Terps Wrestling is ranked #7 nationally, and has three wrestlers in the top 10 for their weight class.

If you want more than that, you gotta click the link yourself. - Ben G.

Soccer Assistant Payne Named Army Head Coach

Can't say that I know too much about the guy but congrats to him for movin' on up. He seems pretty sad about leaving though...

"Sasho has built the best soccer program in the country and on a personal note he has been a great friend and mentor. It has been an absolute pleasure serving my alma mater and I wish the University, the Athletic Department, Sasho and the players continued success."

- Ben G.