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Maryland SG Commit Terrence Ross Is Blowing Up

Sorry for the Ross posts, but what else do you want us to talk about? Image via <a href=""></a>
Sorry for the Ross posts, but what else do you want us to talk about? Image via

After Dave Telep sung his praises this weekend, Terrence Ross caught the eye of another major scouting service: ESPN. They called him the best performer of the High School Hoops Festival - which, by the way, included guys like Kendall Marshall and Quinn Cook - and the writeup couldn't have been more encouraging.

This athletic wing has great size and a big-time shooting stroke. Ross can knock down 3s off the catch and after one or two rhythm dribbles. He is shot-ready on the catch and releases the ball with great elevation and follow-through. Ross shoots over smaller defenders and late closers with ease. He runs the floor on the break for spot-up and penetration kick outs, of which he is capable of making two or three in a row. Ross has NBA range and his confidence is sky-high. Defensively, Ross was alert in the passing lanes and really worked to defend the dribble by moving his feet and keeping his hands active. Ross must work to develop his scoring moves off the dribble and make going to the boards a habit. Still, he is a deadly offensive weapon. Maryland coach Gary Williams will have fun coaching this kid.

Yes please, I'll take some of that.

You can bet that if ESPN and Scout's main men took notice that he'll be moving on up the boards. It's safe to say that Rivals will have seen it, too, and he'll be improving his standing there, too. If he can put up this type of season all year - which includes some very big time opponents on national TV - it's not a stretch to believe he could legitimately be a top 25 player.

Ross is a big time talent that is criminally underrated, in my opinion. He's super athletic, is a lights-out shooter, has a solid work ethic, and plays committed defense. There's really not much more at all you can ask for, and he's exactly what the doctor ordered for Maryland in 2010. He'll very nicely fill the void that Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes leave, and maybe even bring something extra to the table while doing it.

Oh, and having a Montrose Christian guy on the team while recruiting Justin Anderson can't be bad, either.

Of course, his status is still unclear, but as it distances further, I'm calming down about it. Time to pray that the coaching staff can just lock him up, because he looks like he could be very, very special one day.