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Season-Ending Football Terperlatives

Are you ready for some voting? The year is over, and it's time to figure out who was Best Dressed and Class Clown. Or, y'know, offensive MVP. Either one.

With several days before Maryland's next game, it's is a good time to discuss this stuff. So it's your turn to vote on who you think should win what, because I really don't trust my judgment with this stuff. Please leave a comment (or shoot us an email) with your votes in the following categories, because we're yet to find a way to do a poll with multiple votes. Next to the categories there are some possibilities I threw out there, but you don't have to choose those people. We'll hold the vote open for a week or so.


Offensive MVP (Torrey Smith, Adrian Cannon, Chris Turner, Jamarr Robinson, Bruce Campbell)

Defensive MVP (Alex Wujciak, Demetrius Hartsfield, Terrell Skinner, Adrian Moten, Cameron Chism)

Special Teams MVP (Nick Ferrara, Torrey Smith, Travis Baltz, Tony Logan)

Overall MVP (Torrey Smith, Alex Wujciak, Nick Ferrara, Adrian Cannon, Terrell Skinner)

Best Freshman (Nick Ferrara, Bennett Fulper, Zach Kerr, Caleb Porzel, Isaiah Ross)

Best Coach (Al Seamonson, Don Brown, Tom Brattan, Lee Hull)

Senior Who Will Be Missed Most (Chris Turner, Phil Costa, Travis Ivey, Terrell Skinner, Jamari McCollough)

Biggest Surprise (Nick Ferrara, Torrey Smith, Demetrius Hartsfield, Deege Galt, Jamarr Robinson)

Most Exciting Incoming Freshman (Tyrek Cheeseboro, Nate Clarke, Tyler Smith, Devin Burns, David Mackall)

Injury Which Hurt Most (Nolan Carroll, Bruce Campbell, Da'Rel Scott, Chris Turner)