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Maryland Minute 12.13.09 - The Return to Terrence Ross News

T Ross 2
T Ross 2

Dave Telep: Ross "Way Underrated"
Oi. Oh, and he also say "T Ross! Wow!" in a later tweet.

Terrence Ross Highlights
Okay, so it's really Montrose Christian highlights in general, but TRoss puts away about 5 3s in this video. He's #32.

Of course this would happen as soon as he starts having doubts.

Greivis Vasquez is Nutty
Sounds like he's getting back. Definitely ironic that a missed shootaround held the key to the season for him.

"It was all mental," Vasquez said. "This was a great game for me just to sit down on the bench and see everything from the outside in and get back to what I am. I'm the crazy guy who plays at Maryland and tries to make plays. That's who I am, and I'm going to be myself from now on."

High School Hoops Festival Report - NBE
Linked to it for the TRoss stuff, but there's a lot of goodies here from NBE from the Hoops Festival, which was, by the way, held in Upper Marlboro. The best stuff:

Justin Anderson, 2012, Montrose Christian: The athletic lefty is one of the top prospects in the class of 2012, and he showed why against St. Mary’s Ryken on Saturday. Anderson is a menace at both ends of the floor, picking up steals and deflections consistently on defense, and getting plenty of offensive rebounds at the other end. He has yet to demonstrate a consistent outside jumper, but he knocked down a couple of mid-range jumpers and had several tip-ins at the rim. Anderson has outstanding leaping ability and gets off the floor very quickly, enabling him to outrebound bigger players. He also passed the ball well, both in the halfcourt but especially in transition.
Michael Gbinije, 2011, Benedictine: Gbinije started off slowly, but really came alive once Benedictine got down early. Despite being hounded by Victor Oladipo, Gbinije dominated stretches of the game, hitting multiple threes, several mid-range jumpers and blocking shots on consecutive possessions. Furthermore, he went baseline for several solid baskets, including a finish over Hopkins. Gbinije has a very smooth offensive game, and he is extremely difficult to stop. When he gets going, he can be an absolutely dominant offensive performer. It’s also no surprise that Benedictine was down 9-0 when Gbinije was slowed by Oladipo, but came back once he came alive.
- Furthermore, Jones said that 2012 prospect James Robinson has an offer from Notre Dame and interest from Georgetown, Maryland, Texas and NC State.


- Mikael Hopkins: Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Florida, Florida State, Villanova and Pittsburgh.

C.J. Leslie Mixtape
Might as well keep posting these while the Terps are still being listed. The kid is absolutely ridiculous. Looks like an unpolished Kevin Garnett. - Ben G.

My Take: C.J.'s amazing, but Bishop Daniels is just as amazing. If Bello falls through, I wouldn't mind landing him, either.

Boston College Loses Again, This Time to Rhode Island
Wow. Just wow. BC is having a rough go of it right now.

Roy Williams: Big Baby
He apparently kicked out a Presbyterian fan (yes, Presbyterian) for yelling "Hey Deon, don't miss it" while Tarheel Deon Thompson was shooting a free throw. Could you ever see Gary ordering security to take away an opposing team's fans in the middle of a game? - Ben G.

My Take: Well...this is...strangely timely.