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One Game In: Jordan Williams or Dino Gregory?

You've seen both, granted, Dino Gregory for much longer than Jordan Williams.

Dino played 33 minutes and scored 8 points, but had just 3 rebounds. He showcased a nice midrange game, but his offense other than that wasn't much better than last year. Defensively he was very quiet as EKU dominated for stretches at a time.

Jordan was average offensively at best, and showed nervousness and excitement when he missed hard on some layups. Then again, in just 9 minutes of play, he put up 5 boards, a ratio that Maryland should've been killing for as Dino had one rebound every eleven minutes. The killer for Williams was the time he fouled a 3 point shooter blatantly.

After seeing one game of Dino and 9 of Jordan, who wins out for your starting spot?