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James Padgett's Strange Disappearance: Cliff Tucker Part Deux In the Making?

Enter Dino Gregory. Exit James Padgett.

In Gregory's first game back after the eight game suspension, he ate up a rather outrageous 33 minutes. Jordan Williams saw his playing time shrink to just nine minutes as a result, but the real curiosity came in James Padgett's playing time; which is to say, the fact that he got none.

Yes, Padgett played a grand total of 0 minutes despite Gregory looking average at best and rather rusty. Gary likely wanted him out there because he's shorter and quicker, allowing him to better guard the players on the perimeter. But offensively he was average and he was a liablility on the boards - in 33 minutes, he had just 3 rebounds. Jordan had 5 in 9. Also, when Padgett was in, EKU switched up the offense and started attacking the middle, which was empty when Dino was present.

On the other side of that coin, when Williams was in they'd start attacking from outside, and he'd be a liability then.

So, the question is, why not use James Padgett? He's a good middle man between the size and strength of Williams and the speed of Gregory. He'd be able to stay with people on the perimeter and still provide a defensive presence on the inside if he needed to. He's a better rebounder than Gregory, and he hasn't looked lost at all.

Oh, and even Jin Soo Choi saw playing time. Yes, Choi was on the floor more than Padgett. I'll let that sink in.

Is Padgett slowly turning into Cliff Tucker? That's a snap judgement definitely - it was just one game. But it's something to keep track of as the season goes on. Maryland should use him and utilize their depth, not keep him on the bench.

Any thoughts on Padgett's lack of run yesterday?