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Maryland Football Season Review: The Forgotten Terps

Oh Landsford, Landsford, where art thou Lansford?
Oh Landsford, Landsford, where art thou Lansford?

Remember these guys? There's more than a few guys that, after putting together solid seasons in the past or being lined up for major playing time in the spring or fall practice, suddenly fell off the face of the earth, even though Maryland might've needed them at their position.

This is their story.

Morgan Green, RB

Ah, the curse of Steve Slaton returneth. Morgan is a big, powerful, physical guy with breakaway ability, as he should against Nevada in the bowl game last year; why, then, didn't he play? There were the opportunities to do it, particularly after Da'Rel Scott got injured, and could've saved a redshirt. It got so bad that D.J. Adams - another true freshman - passed him on the travel squad team and knocked him down to the practice squad. Consider that: they'd rather burn a freshman's redshirt late in the year in a lost season than play Green.

Perhaps it stems from practice, which Ralph preaches oh so heavily. Green's been rumored to be average at best in practice. He's also been rumored to be less than tough, which Ralph also doesn't particularly like. His case is a strange one indeed, considering who he replaced.

Lansford Watson, TE

The biggest missing link, in my opinion, Watson's absence was as cryptic as it could be. A one-time five star WR, Watson was placed behind the good but unspectacular Tommy Galt on the depth chart, and seemed to be behind Devonte Campbell before long, too. Despite never being injured and being a huge threat in the passing game, he couldn't get on the field.

One big reason for that is Maryland's inability to either pass or run block, which made Galt's pass blocking a necessity. Still, Maryland needed his big plays, and him seeing the field more would've been a very welcome sight.

Emani Lee-Odai, WR

It wasn't too long ago that ELO was slated to take over a starting WR spot across from Torrey Smith and Adrian Cannon. Then an ankle injury struck, and, despite solid output even when injured, he dropped down the depth chart like a rock. He ended up at the very bottom, surpassed by Kevin Dorsey and Kerry Boykins.

Why did ELO disappear? Probably the injuries. His lower body seemed to be made of glass, and even though he was never officially on the injury report, he was damn close several times. His inability to be at 100% meant he was always below full-strength and, thus, less effective than others. I wonder if he'll be able to find his way into the lineup next year, when healthy.

Haroon Brown, FB

It's not like Maryland used a ton of fullbacks anyway, but Brown really did just drop off the face of the earth. He went from being Cory Jackson's primary backup to basically no one. He couldn't get on the field anywhere, and the explanations for his absence were weird. At least he could've been used on special teams to save one of the many wasted redshirts.

With Jackson gone next year, Brown could have a shot to actually start. That'll be an interesting battle, though I expect the FB to get less and less use as Maryland goes away from the Power I use.

Matt Furstenburg, TE

Furst scored a TE in Maryland's first game that would be recalled on a hold. After that, it seemed his playing time was recalled, too. Although he was on the injury report for a week or two, he was healthy the majority of the year, but was surpassed quickly by Devonte Campbell, and couldn't find the field after that. He was listed as receiving time in every game he was healthy in, but that was mostly on special teams, as he had only one catch on the year.

I liked Furstenburg and thought he could turn into a very good receiving TE. Devonte Campbell didn't blow the doors off the place, so I'm a little confused about his absence.