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Maryland Minute 12.11.09 - On the Eve of Dino Gregory's Return

Image via <a href="" target="new">InsideMDSports</a>' <a href="">Flickr</a>
Image via InsideMDSports' Flickr

Hot topic: Gregory, of course - Terps Insider

Gary says that he's bigger than his stats.

"He fits a lot of those categories that don't necessarily show up on the stat sheet, and to belittle Dino's accomplishments last year is wrong. I think most basketball people with knowledge of basketball would say the same thing."

I agree, but at what point do the stats - that is, JWill's double-double - become bigger than the intangibles?

Gary, Players Excited for Dino's Return

Lots of complimentary quotes for the junior forward. I hope NuDino is half as good as he's being advertised. - Ben G.

Greivis Vasquez Quote Sheet: Disappointed and Angry
Time to pull it together, GV.

"I'm disappointed," Vasquez said. "It's horrible. I'm really angry at myself. I've worked too hard. I let so many things bother me, and I wasn't myself. And then we lost three games that we should have won. And it was all because supposedly the best player and the leader of the team didn't do what he needs to be doing, and I take responsibility. But the season's too early. I remember games like Georgetown and Duke last year, Georgetown beat us by 40 and Duke beat us by 40, and then I came on strong. So I'm not going to give up. That's the last thing I'm going to do. I'm a fighter. I've put the numbers up already, so I need just to go out there and have fun and play basketball."

Dude talks a lot.

C.J. Leslie Diary
Prepare for plenty of updates from CJL if he keeps this up. The ridiculous outside possibility be damned, he's just too exciting. Good news (nothing big or indicative of anything, but I'm saying it anyway):

For those that don’t know, I’m waiting until the spring to get everything decided with my recruitment. I’m just not sure about anything at this point, and it’s important for me to be sure. I don’t have any favorites and I’m just taking my time with the whole thing. (Editor’s note: C.J.’s most recent list included N.C. State, Kentucky, Oregon, Maryland, Connecticut, Georgetown and Florida)

Decisions loom for top ACC juniors - Dinich
Among them?

OL Bruce Campbell – His career has been marred by injuries, and he could use another year to get more experience, not to mention a better contract. Scouts Inc. has him at No. 4 in his position and No. 27 overall.

Oi, that would be bad. Very bad.

Turner ready to turn the page - WT
Really good read on CT. I'll miss him.

Early Season All-ACC Team - Blogger So Dear
Blogger So Dear takes a stab at his All-ACC picks thus far. I think they're pretty good except for the ROY part. How do you leave out Jordan Williams from that group and why is Dawkins ahead of him? ~Dave

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Quiet week.