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Maryland Minute 12.10.09 - Terps All-Decade Team

Ah, the good old days...
Ah, the good old days...

Turtle Waxing: Maryland Basketball All Decade Team

I think Blake, Dixon, and Baxter are obvious...don't know how I feel about Mouton and Gist being on there. I'd have Wilcox over Gist too. ~Dave

My Take: I'd keep Gist over Wilcox just based on games played, but I'd put Caner-Medley over Mouton.  Anybody else have an opinion on this? 

NBA Draft Stock: Landon Rising, Greivis Falling 

IIRC, this is the first time Landon has cracked their mock draft. (He's #57, overall.) A lot will depend on how he holds up in ACC play but I could definitely see some NBA team taking a chance on his athleticism and work ethic. Greivis, meanwhile, has slipped down to #59.  

3-Pointers: Greivis Vasquez is pressing - Mike DeCourcy - College Basketball - Sporting News

A little insight on Greivis' struggles. I still think he just needs to settle down and be himself. ~Dave

Wisconsin Badgers fall to Green Bay Phoenix - ESPN

Ugh...just when our loss to Wisconsin is starting to look not so bad, this happens. ~Dave

Dino Gregory: More Subbin’ Than Quizno’s

The friends over at Shell Games (always a good daily read, btw) speculate about Dino's role, based on a quote by Gary after the Nova game. Fun read. ~Dave

The Diamondback - Point guard trio making up for the loss of Toliver so far
Good breakdown of how players are stepping up after the loss of Toliver and Coleman to graduation last season. Replacing those two would be the equivalent of having to replace Juan and Bias in the same season, in my easy task. ~Dave

Harvard Beats BC...Again
Does that mean Maryland will lose to them...again? - Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Sal Conaboy
Sounds like he could be a year or two away from contributing. Still good, though.

At 6-5, 255 pounds, Conaboy will likely need to add weight and strength before he’s ready to make an impact in college. But depending on what he does between now and his arrival in College Park, Conaboy could be given a chance to work his way into contention for playing time. "They’re looking at him to come in and compete as a freshman, possibly as a guard or center -- the interior part of the line," Repshis said. "It’s too early to tell exactly how he’ll be able to contribute, but they do want him to come in and compete. And that’s all he’s looking for. What happens when he steps on campus that first year is yet to be determined. But he will go into the offseason preparing for the opportunity to play."

- Ben B.