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Maryland Rebounds From Maui With a Win Over Indiana

After two tough losses that brought Maryland and their fans back down to earth, the Terps needed a rebound win. They got one over Indiana tonight, 80-68. It's not the most impressive win, as the Hoosiers are looking to be bottom half of the Big Ten, but Assembly Hall is always tough and it's better than a low-level DI opponent. Maryland also got the ACC on the board in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and reasserted their dominance over Indiana in basketball (2002, anyone?).

Greivis Vasquez is slowly breaking out of his shell (get it?) with occasional moments of brilliance, but he's still not close to last year. The stars of the game were Landon Milbourne, Sean Mosley, and Eric Hayes (as usual). Milbourne was second on the team with 19 points and Mosley looked a consistent layup away from being a star - he definitely has every other aspect of the game down. He was actually just a rebound away from a double-double. Hayes was his usual, consistent, calm self, and that's invaluable for this up-and-down team.

Turnovers were a real problem, especially early on, and Maryland turned it over 19 times. Coupled with average, though better than expected rebounding, it allowed Indiana to stay close for longer than they should've - that is, most of the game.

I think most people expected a slightly easier win (score wise, it got out of hand in the final five minutes or so), but I'm content with it. It's a win and my expectations for this team have dropped compared to pre-Maui. Villanova will be an uphill battle to the fullest.

As for the biweekly freshmen update, Jordan Williams is getting closer. He still has some problems - today, it was with traveling and finishing - but he's becoming more aggressive and is still a pretty good rebounder right now. By ACC play, he'll be pretty good. James Padgett's performance was more forgettable tonight.

A few days of rest before the biggie of the OOC slate - Nova - and then Dino Gregory returns. Let's hope he sparks a fire for the Terps. The question for me is whether or not he takes Jordan Williams' starting spot.