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Maryland Minute 12.1.09 - Fridge Fallout Part Duex

Ralph unsure about staff changes - D1SCOURSE

Doesn't sound promising.

"I haven't had a chance to sit down," Friedgen said. "I don't want to say offhand right now. I've been busy recruiting, telling recruits what the situation is here. Then when I have some time, I'll sit back and evaluate everything and decide what we're going to do."

- Ben B.

Terps facing a cloudy future - WT

This was written before the decision, on the affect this will have on Maryland's recruiting. It's not flattering.

"If you have a stable situation, nine times out of 10 unless your coaching staff isn't doing a great job of beating the bush, you're going to be able to attract talent and be able to recruit," recruiting analyst JC Shurburtt said. "When you have a situation like you do at Maryland with the reports and talk out there, it causes instability, or the perception of it. That can damage a recruiting class worse than just about anything."



"I don't think it's a lack of recruiting effort," Farrell said. "I know some of those guys are very persistent and tenacious. You just can't sell losses. ... I just think if they're going to make a move this time next year, they might as well do it now."

Awesome. - Ben B. 

Jeff Barker on Friedgen's Return

In short: Turning this thing around is not going to be easy.  Like Ben B. said: Awesome. 

On to basketball...

Gary on Maui and the team

Per the Baltimore Sun: 

"We didn't shoot well" in the tournament, Williams said. "Our free throws were horrible, and we missed some shots that we'll make as the season goes on."

I'd agree with that analysis.

"We're a good basketball team, and we'll prove it," the Terps coach said Monday before his team left for tonight's contest at Indiana."

Again, I trust Gary WIlliams. If he says this is going to be a good basketball team, I'll take his word for it. It'd be nice if the team backed up his words tonight. 

Recruiting Report: Q&A on Maryland’s 2010 hoops class

Very good stuff. Go read it now.

"I think it’s an above-average class. I think it’s a good class for Maryland. It puts them at six or seven in the league, which is the middle of the league. But in their league, the top six or seven are all in the top 15 [in the country] right now. It’s a class that keeps them in the hunt. It did not move them forward -- they didn’t pick up anyone in that top tier. But it still keeps them at [their current] level. The big news for them was missing on [Tobias] Harris because he’s a kid that early on, they thought they had a shot at. They really felt good early. If they had him, they would have been a top 10 class and would have been near the top of the ACC."

- Ben B.

Tchatchouang Named ACC Freshman of the Week

The freshman forward garnered the honors after scoring 39 points in three games last week.

For One Day I am at Odds with John Harbaugh

His brother-in-law is Hoosier's coach, Tom Crean, so he'll be rooting against the Terps just for tonight. Steve Biscotti can't be very happy about this.