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Maryland Minute 11.8.09 - Georgia Tech is Overrated Edition

BtB 2009-10 ACC Preview
Dobber goes with the party line of Maryland finishing 4th. Can't really disagree.

He still overrated Georgia Tech, though. I mean, how does one really good (not yet great) player make a team that won 2 games in the ACC the 3rd best?

Goodman's Bracketology - Terps an 8 Seed
That's a bit low to me. We'd get Kentucky in the second round, leading to a Greivis-John Wall matchup that would go down in the history books.

Oh, and he has GT in the Final Four. Seriously? They're not that good.

GT Beats IUP By Overtime
Maryland won by 21.

But no, GT's a final four team. Obviously, the third best team in the conference.

Torrel Harris' Logic is Confusing

The rumors circulating on the Internet are that Harris is a "Syracuse lean," but the father said that's not the case.

"Syracuse is not the favorite — my wife and I asked him ourselves," the father said. "I would say all the four schools we have visited are the favorites right now. He's just taking it all in right now.

"Follow me for a second. We went on a visit to Syracuse, and everything was great, then we went to Tennessee and everything was great. At Kentucky everything was great, and Louisville everything was great. It's hard to get down and make a decision about which school you want to go to when the visits go well."

Good news about Syracuse not being the favorite, but, uh...does that mean Georgia Tech will be the favorite after that visit, and because they're the last visit, be the commit? Because god dammit I'm tired of them already.

Tobias Harris Back from WVU, Not Very Telling
As usual.

"They’re losing DaSean Butler and they might lose Devin Ebanks so he wants me to come in and play the roles they’re playing. It sounds good," Harris said.

"When we finish all the visits, Tobias will decide," Torrel Harris, his father, said recently. "Right now all of them are equal. Every one is better and better."

Did anyone bother to tell him that once Butler and Ebanks are gone West Virginia will be irrelevant again? And that if Ebanks is there Harris will have 0 limelight - whatever limelight there is to have at Morgantown, that is.

ESPN on Tobias Harris and C.J. Leslie
On Harris:

Harris has said he will announce Nov. 19, which could mean he will make a verbal commitment rather than sign. He has made visits to Louisville, Kentucky, Syracuse and Tennessee and plans on visiting his other three listed favorites. Harris really hasn't given an indication about which direction he is leaning, but it's always hard to bet against John Calipari or Rick Pitino in these types of scenarios.

On Leslie:

Formerly an NC State commit, Leslie now sounds wide-open. He recently visited Kentucky, which is the college home of his former high school teammate John Wall. Several programs, including Maryland, have come to Raleigh to check in on him.

Yeah, they have no idea what's going on in these recruitments.

RTC Breakdown of Early Tournaments
They give Maryland the nod in Maui:

Every team in this field has holes: Gonzaga has a weak frontcourt, Wisconsin doesn’t have the scoring punch, Arizona is dealing with too much turnover and Cincinnati/Vanderbilt are not quite at that elite level yet to win three games against this type of competition. I’ll send my support to Maryland. Greivis Vasquez could win tournament MVP, Eric Hayes is a steady point guard and they have enough athletically to match up with Gonzaga, Vanderbilt and Cincinnati on the perimeter. How the freshman inside duo Jordan Williams and James Padgett perform could determine their fate.

RTC Gives Terps #27
Ok, ignore the RTC link-fest. I like the blog, and they like us. Moving on:

Terps appear to have a very good team led by star G. Vasquez (18/5/5) coming back, but we're not totally sold on top 25 yet.

Terps Field Hockey Continues Ridiculous Dominance, Wins ACC Title
We are field hockey kings. Er...queens. get it.