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Maryland Topped by North Carolina State, 38-31

Russell Wilson was solid, Maryland's defense was often porous, and Chris Turner was injured as North Carolina State topped Maryland 38-31.

North Carolina State put up nearly 500 yards of offense and had five different players score TDs. Maryland did get two non-offensive TDs, the first time since the Steve Suter era, to keep them in the game, but it wasn't enough to top Wilson's 343 yards and 4 total TDs.

Jamarr Robinson replaced Turner in the second quarter, who left the game with a knee injury, and looked darn good doing it, too. He was composed, showcased a strong arm, and nearly led Maryland back to win the game on their final drive - he was one underthrown pass away from getting the ball to the five with 22 seconds left. Turner's status is unknown.

Torrey Smith had a much-needed return to the offense after a few weeks of relative disappearance. He had 8 catches and a kickoff return for a TD.

Alright, we'll have grades tomorrow, and some analysis later tonight. You know the drill.