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Maryland Minute 11.05.09 - New 2012 BB Target

He's a Top 50 type (possibly higher) from Baltimore. Gary needs to get this done ASAP.
He's a Top 50 type (possibly higher) from Baltimore. Gary needs to get this done ASAP.

Credit to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today.

Recruiting Report: Many schools tracking Glenelg Country's Miles

Interesting fact about this 2012 recruit:

"Coach Ehsan came up and watched Isaiah work out," Stewart said. "We talked for a good bit about how they’re interested and that recruiting local kids is very important to their success. Isaiah knows a lot of their guys. He knows Sean Mosley just from playing on the AAU circuit over the years. So immediately when Maryland came, that made an impact on him. I probably have to say that [the Terps] are at the front of the pack, just because they carry a lot of weight around here and they’ve certainly done a good job in just the short period that they have been recruiting him actively."

Bracken calls him the best local prospect in the class, and he has a lot of interest from the University of Washington and Xavier. Lock him up now.

I'll take a class of Miles, Daquan Cook, and Justin Anderson, please. That would be a top 3 class, made up of purely local players. Won't happen, but I'll dream.

Hawkins' 20 lead way in women's exhibition opener -- The Sun

Nice start - the Terps nearly doubled Bowie State's score.

To Redshirt or Not to Redshirt?

I say you don't waste anymore redshirts. D.J. Adams, Danny O'Brien, and Pete White don't need to lose a year of eligibility on a season that's already over. - bagold

Montrose Checks in at 5 on ESPN RISE Fab 50

They'll be tough to beat this year. DeMatha, led by Quinn Cook, is seven. Daquan Cook's St. Frances Academy, in Baltimore, is 27, while Josh Selby's Lake Clifton is 29.

Born Ready Cleared by NCAA

It's official. Too bad he's not a Terp. By all accounts, he wanted to be. Maybe we'll have a Born Ready/Maryland matchup in Maui. - bagold

David Mackall: Good News and Bad News

The good news? He's committed, and probably staying that way. The bad? His qualification sounds really iffy.

Mikael Hopkins Highlights

No shot at him, but he's a good one, and local. Reminds me a lot of a more inside-focused Terrence Jones. Maybe less skilled off the dribble, but definitely a well-rounded game.