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Steve Goins' Injury: Hope You Like An All-Freshman Frontcourt

Calm down, James. It's not <em>that </em>scary. Image via <a href="" target="new">Inside MD Sports</a> <a href="">on Flickr</a>
Calm down, James. It's not that scary. Image via Inside MD Sports on Flickr

Okay, that's not entirely true, because Landon Milbourne will be there, but this certainly isn't encouraging.

Shortly after posting the Dino Gregory story, I saw the Steve Goins injury update from the Post. The news isn't great.

Maryland Coach Gary Williams said after last night's win over Indiana (Pa.) that no timetable had been set on when Goins might return to action.

"The doctors make those decisions," Williams said. "I wish I could say we'll get him back right away, but I don't know that. It still bothers him. He says it still hurts. So that's where it is. I wish I could give you a more definite answer than that, but that's where it is."

While it's not at all definitive, knee injuries are nothing to play around with, particularly recurring knee injuries. This could be nothing, or it could be something that follows him the entire season, possibly requiring surgery. Much like the Dino situation, we don't know enough yet to fully lay down a verdict, but what's above isn't encouraging.

The scary thing is, though, if this is as bad as it could be, or even close to it, there's a very real possibility that Maryland's frontcourt will consist of Landon Milbourne, James Padgett, and Jordan Williams. Maybe Jin Soo Choi, depending on whether or not he's eaten a dozen cheeseburgers the preceding 12 hours. And that's it.

When it was just Dino, there was a silver lining about getting playing time and all that. Now, though, I'm getting very concerned about frontcourt depth really costing Maryland early on in the season, particularly in Maui.

It may only be a matter of time before Ersin Levent sees the floor, at this rate.