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Two Terps Named to All-ACC Teams: Wujciak to First Team, Smith to Second Team

Congrats to both, the full rosters are at the official ACC site.

Alex Wujciak did get the least votes of the four first team linebackers, but he was still in by a pretty comfortable margin. I know I said yesterday I wasn't sure he really deserved it, but after looking at the second teamers, I've reconsidered. He's better than Vincent Rey.

Torrey Smith got 2nd team in two places, WR and specialist. I firmly believe that if he didn't drop off in the second half of the year he would've been first team in WR easily and would've challenged C.J. Spiller for first team as a specialist.

I don't know if/when they'll have an All-Freshman team, but if they do I'd expect Nick Ferrara to make it as a kicker. He'll probably make the second team next year.

Overall, I don't really see any Maryland snubs. Da'Rel Scott probably would've made it if he was healthy, but that's not a guarantee. Same with Bruce Campbell. Adrian Moten probably could've snuck into the second team, but that's iffy at best. I'm pretty contended by the job the writers did, even though none of them are from the area.