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Maryland Minute 11.29.09 - Friedgen Fallout

Different Look on the Horizon
Hope so. Something has to change.

"I'm going to sit down with Dr. Yow in the next couple days and we're going to talk about some things," Friedgen said. "There are some ideas I have from an offensive and a defensive standpoint that could help us. We'll sit down and talk about the whole program."

Closing door on Fridge would be wrong call -- Cowherd
Don't quite agree, but whatever. Both sides will use the same arguments to the end.

He won 66 games and lost 46. He ran a clean program, made sure his players stayed out of trouble, made sure a lot of them graduated.

If I'm Yow, I don't fixate on the 10 losses this season.

For one thing, the team was super young, with a green offensive line that often had Terps quarterbacks scrambling for their lives.

Then there was a ridiculous number of injuries to key players such as running back Da'Rel Scott, cornerback Nolan Carroll, linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield, offensive tackle Bruce Campbell and quarterback Chris Turner.

Dinich Thinks Ralph Keeps Job
For the same reasons as before:

My guess is that Ralph Friedgen keeps his job, and that's because it wouldn't make sense to spend $4 million only to promote your offensive coordinator to head coach. The more likely scenario is that Friedgen makes a few staff changes, but at some point, the coach-in-waiting plan needs to be evaluated. Everything is negotiable these days, and Maryland at some point has to weigh the cost of unsold suites and empty seats. If Friedgen maintains this pace next year, then it should be his last, but at this point, it's a lose-lose situation for AD Debbie Yow.

She brings up an interesting point on Debbie Yow. Never know, maybe she goes down with the ship...involuntarily.

MD's QB Uncertainty Continues Down to the Wire - WaPo
Interesting notes on the QB decisions:

The decision of whom to play at quarterback wore on Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen all week as he prepared the team to play the final game of what became a 2-10 campaign. The question he faced -- stick with what you know, or more toward the future? -- lingered even as the game progressed.



Come spring, Robinson's mobility and experience will provide him a leg up in a four-man quarterback competition. Freshmen Danny O'Brien and C.J. Brown did not see action this season and will be given redshirts, meaning each player has four years of eligibility remaining. Clay Belton, a transfer from Miami (Ohio), will be thrown into the mix, as well.


Kragthorpe Fired at Louisville
Mike Leach might be gone, then. Still have a shot for Charlie Strong and Mike London, though, and - of course - the mothership: Brian Billick.

Memphis Hires LSU RB Coach
One fewer competitor for the big boys...if we go that route.

Saturday's Attendance: Worst Since Vanderlinden
Oh, Ralph, how far you have fallen.

Freidgen's Future at Maryland Unsettled - ESPN
We already know it, but at least it's getting out.

Friedgen will soon meet with athletic director Debbie Yow to determine his fate. If he is dismissed, the school will have to fork over a $4 million buyout, and the 62-year-old coach won't get the opportunity to take this young team to a higher level.