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Maryland Closes Out Season With Close Loss to Balanced Boston College, 19-17

Never before has Maryland had a ten loss season. Until now, that is.

Maryland came out flat and Boston College won on the strength of four Steve Aponavicius FGs in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated, 19-17. That gave Maryland its 10th loss on the year - the first time ever for the program- and their worst season since 1967's winless year.

There's not much reason to go over it and analyze it, because there are no more games to be played for Maryland after this one. I will say this, though: no one had any emotion. Even when the great Steve Aponavicius missed a field goal, the response was muted.

This was senior day, the last game for Maryland, and probably the last game for Ralph Friedgen. There was no spark, no emotion, no passion. I definitely expected more.

Jamarr Robinson was average, not great. He's got an arm, but he's nowhere near a finished product. That final drive was pretty, but they could've used that earlier. Clay Belton and the freshmen will still have a shot at beating him out. Da'Rel Scott was missed; next year should be better for that reason alone.

It was a nice ride while it lasted, Fridge. An announcement will probably be made within a week one way or the other, and I'm expecting it to be negative for him.

Would anyone mind if I skipped grades tomorrow? I'm gonna be swamped and...the season's over. Throughout the week we'll have some stuff on the year - season long grades, Terperlatives, handicapping the coaching search(?), stuff like that.