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Maryland Minute 11.28.09 - Eve of Friedgen's Last Stand

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Dick Heller: Not time for Maryland to close door on Fridge - WT
His argument?

Firing Friedgen would be a wrong move for a university athletic program that is experiencing the same financial woes as nearly every other in the current economic downtown, to use a polite word. The university is not going to blow $4 million to buy out his contract, and there's no reason it should.

I can't understand why so few people realize that the difference in revenue between Ralph and, say, oh, Brian Billick, could be far greater than $5m. Don't act like it's a fact that MD can't afford it either, because there are ways. If it doesn't happen, economics will play a part, but not the only part.

Players "Defend" Fridge, But Not Really
Bad headline writing from CSN, but still quite worthy:

"I feel bad for him, with all the talk that is going on, the type of questions he's getting from the media," Terrapin linebacker Alex Wujciak said Tuesday, before warning against a rush to judgment on Friedgen's future, "I think we should just wait until after the season and see what happens."

Let's wait till the offseason to talk bad about him. Okay, I can do that.

Gil Biruta to Rutgers
Could Maryland be done in 2010? Could be. We've gotten this far with that many. Unless Stefan Nastic goes the Jin Soo Choi route and Maryland pushes for a commitment or they find their way back to C.J. Leslie, the fifth scholarship will be going to a name we don't know yet...or no one. David Pearman is rooting for that one.

Don't Freak Out: Maryland's Still 29th in the KenPom Ratings
Could be much worse.

Stoglin Drops 29 on Kansas-Bound Guard in Win
Apparently he became a bit of a ballhog, but I'll take it over most alternatives.

Mychal Parker Note From Fay Observer
The Carolina boys giving Maryland some love:

Away from this neighborhood, Maryland might have the most impressive two players from that list in Parker and Terrence Ross. Parker, at 6-foot-5, can play both wing positions and is an accomplished scorer and rebounder with sound defensive skills. Ross is an elite athlete who can really shoot it from deep.

Previewing the Women's ACC/Big Ten Challenge
The Terps take on Brenda Frese's old team, Minnesota, in College Park on December 3rd. This should be another tough test for the young team. - Ben G.

PG County Resident Okoroha will face Hometown Team, Saturday
A nice, short story on BC safety Okechukwu Okoroha who played his high school ball just a few miles from College Park at Eleanor Roosevelt in Greenbelt. - Ben G.

I Say: I remember recruiting this guy. That is all.

Dagger Sez: Juan Dixon #7 Player of the Decade
That's fair, I suppose.

Gary Williams' 2002-title-winning Maryland team was talented -- Steve Blake and Chris Wilcox are still playing productive NBA minutes -- but Juan Dixon was its undisputed leader. Dixon overcame an insane childhood (both his mother and father were heroin addicts and died of AIDS-related illnesses before Dixon was 17) to become the only player in NCAA hoops history to record 2,000 points, 300 steals, and 200 three-pointers. And in 2001-2002, no one was denying him an NCAA title.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
As usual.