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Maryland Minute 11.25.09 - Delic Decommits

Delic Decommits

Not a huge loss for the Terps but still not something you like to see. Kentucky football over MD football? A couple years ago that would have been crazy. After this season, it doesn't sound so farfetched. 

Rutgers Leads for Terp Target Biruta

Per Zags:

"Rutgers is the strong favorite," a source close to the St. Ben’s program said.

Biruta may still visit Maryland Dec. 4-5 and the Terps staff is interested." 

Biruta would be a nice addition to the 2010 class.  Seeing as 2011 isn't going great right now, I think he's definitely worth that 5th ship. 

Lady Terps Respond Against Samford

Sophomore Lynetta Kizer dropped 20 points on 8 for 8 shooting to lead the Terps to a 76-49 victory.

CFN Picks BC, But Closer Than You Think

24-17. I'd be very surprised. - Ben B.

Season recap: Jeremiah Johnson - Recruiting Report

Really nice write up from Matt Bracken on Terp commit Jeremiah Johnson. It's hard not to like this guy after reading this. 

Katie O'Donnell Nominated for Field Hockey's Top Award

The accolades just keep rolling in for the Women's Field Hockey team. This is O'Donnell's second time being nominated for the award.

Nova’s Yarou Listed as Doubtful - ZAGS

You obviously never want to wish ill will on a kid but I wouldn't mind if Yarou was unavailable when the Wildcats take on the Terps, December 6th.