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Maryland Minute 11.23.09 - Terps See Jump in Rankings

I take you out to Maui and you play like this!?
I take you out to Maui and you play like this!?

It's halftime in Maui so I thought I'd get the MM out for a quick halftime read.  (I was a little late.)  Not a great performance so far but at least we closed the half strong.  Is there any doubt Sean Mosley will be our best player next season? 

Gary Parrish Moves Us Up to 23
Much better than the 30ish we were earlier. - Ben B.

Pat Stevens has the Same Idea
The Terps got #20 in his poll. He's also got Duke at #8, UNC at #10, and Clemson at #18. 

Is 3rd time the charm for Terps at Maui Invitational? - Baltimore Sun
It's not looking great right now but it's all about surviving and advancing.

Edwin Williams Update

Former Terp Edwin Williams found his way to the desperate Washington offensive line, but I'm sure he won't complain that it was because of two injuries. Good to see him in a starting lineup so quickly. - Ben B.

Turner Still Questionable for Saturday
The season's lost, so if he can play, he'll start. He deserves that much on senior day for all that he's done for the team. Whether he finishes, though, isn't as black and white. - Ben B.

ACC Top 2010 BB Recruiting Conference - Rivals
And it's not even close. The ACC has an absurd seven teams in Rivals' Top 25. The Terps come in at #6 in conference and #17 overall. 

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap
Devin Burns still impressing, Tyler Smith still worrying. We know who has the better tools as a passer, but Burns has been better so far. - Ben B.