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Getcha Popcorn Ready: Born Ready-Maryland Matchup Set for Second Round of Maui

I'm no fan of Terrell Owens, but I'm not afraid of using his catchphrases. Cincinnati upset Vanderbilt today in the first round of the Maui Invitational, winning relatively easily, 67-58. Cincy will go up against Maryland tomorrow barring a massive upset in the first round by Chaminade (they can do it, but it would be surprising).

Former Maryland fling Lance Stephenson ended up at Cincinnati after Maryland pulled his scholarship back in the spring. Now Born Ready is back for revenge.

Anyone else psyched? I know it was us that pulled the plug on Lance, not the other way around, but Lance dominated a recruitment that was shadily-run and questionable at best. If you've forgotten, just check out the tag for him. The thing lasted forever. It's unnatural to not really like him after the way he handled everything.

Born Ready hasn't been a huge cog in the Cincinnati machine - he put up just 8 points today on 4-10 shooting - but there are two possible outcomes tomorrow: either he drops 50 in a revenge game, or completely takes his team out of the game with tons of bad shots while trying to get revenge.

Either way, we have a game tomorrow that is much more interesting than Maryland-Vandy, the likely matchup. Both sides are looking for something here. It'll be fun.