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Ralph Friedgen: Pick a Side

One more week of football left, folks. After that week, moves can be made, changes can be forced. So it's time to take a side for the Ralph Revolution of 2009.

Are you a Ralph Loyalist? Do you think the big man has done more for the university since the beginning of his tenure that he deserves more time to work out the kinks? Do you cite his 66-46 record, behind only Bobby Ross, Jerry Claiborne, and Jim Tatum at UMD? After all, the man did lead the university to 3 10 win seasons and revived football here.

Or are you a Ralph Radical? Do you look at the past six seasons, in which Maryland has missed the post season three times? Do you see recruiting deficiencies and poor management? It's tough to argue against a season which may be Maryland's worst since 1967, and would include its first ever ten loss year.

This might create some discussion (I hope people still care enough about football for that to happen), but remember, keep it respectful and try to use logic and facts in your arguments.

Also, if you vote no, let us know who'd you'd go after. My shortlist would include Brian Billick, Tommy Tuberville, Bud Foster, and Mike London. Ken Nuimatololo, Al Golden, and Turner Gill would probably get looks too. That is assuming, of course, that James Franklin accompanies Ralph on his way out.

So, whaddya say?