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Maryland Tops New Hampshire Easily, 82-55

Maryland dominated from the start, scoring the first 9 points, Eric Hayes had 16 points, and Landon Milbourne scored 24 as the Terps beat the New Hampshire Wildcatsand move to 3-0 on the year, 82-55. They won by 27, which helps cap off their highest winning margin in their opening three games since 1991.

To be honest, I didn't see the entire game. The first half I was out of the half, and the first part of the second half I Was setting up the stream. By the time I started watching, New Hampshire had started their late run, but it was clear that Maryland had mentally checked out around with around 7 minutes to go. Even with clear mental lapses, it was obvious how well Maryland had played and was capable of playing.

Landon Milbourne was dominant, putting up his career high, and Hayes was money in the first half, though he was quiet in the second. Sean Mosley was perhaps the most impressive player on the floor with his completenes, however; he had a double-double with 13 points and 10 assists, defended well, and got to plenty of loose balls.

The only worry to me was Greivis Vasquez' play, as the normally awesome PG has been pretty average the past few games; this one was no exception. He had just 8 points and 2 assists; while Maryland might not need him right now, his services will be necessary in Maui.

As for the daily report on the young bigs, Jordan Williams looked more impressive than Padgett, though not by much. Padgett was supposed to be the more energetic one, but he looked just as gassed as Williams near the end of hte game, and Williams outrebounded, outscored, and outminuted (?) him. Padgett is capable of being better than Williams, but this wasn't a great game for him.

On Williams, actually, he continues to inch closer and closer to his double-double. I've been pleasantly surprised by his play - he's shown he's no Braxton Dupree Pt. II.

Did anyone that saw the whole game have any thoughts?