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Newest Terp, Rahsaan Moore, In Profile

Switch out the purple for red and you've got a Terp, albeit with a strange helmet. Image via <a href=""></a>
Switch out the purple for red and you've got a Terp, albeit with a strange helmet. Image via

Alright, I've done the preliminary research on Maryland's latest commit, Wise DE/FB Rahsaan Moore. Some of the useful links, if you want the firsthand stuff, would be his highlightsESPN story, and stats (FWIW, I wouldn't trust them on the defensive side - they say 1 sack and 22 tackles, which is possible but unlikely). Not much else out there on this guy.

First off, the good stuff: his coach calls him the best kept secret in Maryland HS football, and called him the best player on the team - this is on a team that hasn't allowed a point in eight straight games. Simply being a part of that defense is noteworthy in and of itself, but he's also a leader of it, so there's definitely some positives.

As for his game, well, the tape wasn't stunning. He didn't really make any great plays, but he got in on a lot of tackles, seemed to draw multiple blockers at times, and was solid in holding his ground and getting to the ballcarrier. They're not going to show him getting dominated, obviously, but there's worse tape out there. Speaking to that, he reminds me a lot of Isaiah Ross - not extraordinary, but very solid, a good feel for the game, and a nose for the ball. Ross, of course, has played as a true freshman (with debatable reasoning, but the fact remains).

Another reason he really reminds me of Ross is his size. Ross was 6-1, 235ish; Moore's 6-2, 235ish. Both were HS defensive linemen who were on the short side. Ross was projected to move back to linebacker, but ended up at DL after trying the positions out; I think the same will happen with Moore.

They may just leave him at DL to start, but there are concerns over size, which is the point: he's definitely undersized for a DE, but isn't quite quick enough to be a LB (we're talking slower than Alex Wujciak here).

He's been mentioned as a possible FB, which I could see, especially because he seems pretty effective near the goal line (11 TDs, just 32 carries and 171 yards). Still, 235's on the small side for a FB, too, especially one with a 40 in the upper 4s, and all the tape is of him as a defensive end.

After looking at the video and the stats, I'm pretty sure Maryland can find a place for him, on either side of the ball. Guys like him and Ross do okay here; if he can't stay at DE because of size, which I don't think would have to happen unless the move came right away, FB is a possibility. Regardless of where he ends up, he'll need a redshirt year to bulk up a bit or shed more weight, depending on his position. After that, I think he could be an effective, if not great, DE or FB.

I won't complain about the pickup, but I still hope the staff is targeting guys like Josh Furman, Brandon Coleman, and Louis Young. Remember, Josh Lovell has basically already committed, though it's not official because of grades, so we may be down to one or two more spots.