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Maryland Minute 11.02.09 - Terps to Face First Opponent Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last time you get to see the Terps for free before the season starts.  Gary welcomes you with open arms.
Tomorrow is the last time you get to see the Terps for free before the season starts. Gary welcomes you with open arms.

Props to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today. 

Men's Basketball to Face First Opponent Tomorrow

It's only an exhibition game but still the first time the Terps will take on somebody besides themselves. We'll try to have some notes on the game for those of you that can't make it. - bagold

No new news on Steven Goins

Ok then. Sounds like Goins' breakout year will be put on hold. 

Rush The Court - Preseason Bracketology: 11.02.09

Okay, so it's ridiculously early for this type of thing, but never mind that: RTC has us as a 5 seed, topping Creighton in the first round and falling to Tennessee in the second. I'll take that matchup in a heartbeat.

Quick Reminder: Ashton Pankey Headed For a Visit This Weekend

It's at the bottom of the page from Zags, but just in case you forgot.

It'll be interesting to see how hard Maryland pushes Pankey. He might be ready for a commitment - I think Maryland would've preferred to get one from Hippo (I probably would've) but one in the hand is worth a slightly larger one in the bush.

Halloween Havoc Camp Wrap Up: Gbinije, Gorski

The word on two Team Takeover stars:

Michael Gbinije: Gbinije looks noticeably bigger and stronger since the end of July. The highly touted 2011 wing still has that super smooth game where he does nothing that jumps out, but does everything well. He showed an improved jump shot from deep, and also finished in the mid-range and going to the rim off the dribble. There aren't many people around the country that can match Gbinije's size, athleticism, and skill level at this position in his class, and all of that was on display. As he becomes more assertive he is going to improve even more, but he did nothing to hurt his stock, and now that he looks to still be growing he can only get better.

Matt Gorski: In a class lacking many true post players, Gorski is definitely one of them. The 2011 standout has a decent touch around the rim and showed the ability to rebound in his area with good hands. He still is lacking good lateral movement, and he needs to get stronger, but he is a legit 6-foot-9, and knows that he does his damage in the post. Gorski ran the floor well, and finished when he got the ball, so offensively he is definitely making strides.

Terps Offer DC QB

Didn't think we'd offer another QB - sounds like Devin Burns will be switching to WR or safety, then. Kevin Hogan, from Gonzaga, has had a really good year, but I don't know how big of a priority he is with the dwindling open spots.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

Devin Burns' Carver squad topped LaGrange, one of the top teams in Georgia, and won the Georgia Region 2-AAA championship. The dude looks the part, I'll give him that much.