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Tobias Harris Makes It Official, Commits to Tennessee

Well, that's that. Tobias Harris confirmed the rumors and officially verballed to Tennessee today. With it, he probably killed most Maryland fans' dreams of an elite recruiting class, and denied Maryland of their first top ten recruit in god knows how long.

First off, Tobias and his family did a pretty good job. They were very respectful of all the schools (except GT, but do they really deserve it?), and ended up being very thorough with their decision. Torrel seemed to love UMD, and I wouldn't be surprised if Maryland got very involved with Tobias' little bro, Tyler Harris. As it stands, I don't particularly understand the decision to go to Tennessee, but Tobias must've had a certain feel there - they definitely did there homework otherwise - so I won't complain about the recruitment.

Second, Maryland is now looking at an uphill battle to get to the top 15 in recruiting classes. The most likely targets are probably unknown right now, but Jon Graham is likely a target, as well as possibly getting re-involved with C.J. Leslie. Maryland seemed to drop off both those recruitments recently, but both will wait until spring, so Maryland could get back in the game. Other names to keep an eye on are Gil Biruta and Stefan Nastic, though I imagine most will come out of nowhere closer to the spring.

Don't forget, though, Maryland already has a really solid 2010 class. Even if the Terps can't pull off a big fish this year, they'll be able to field a very solid team with a possible star and day one starter in Terrence Ross. I'd rather begin focusing most efforts toward landing a big time player in 2011, and possibly 2012 (Justin Anderson, please).

The dream had to end at some point, folks.