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Two Tobias Harris Notes, Both Tennessee Related

Looking orange right now.
Looking orange right now.

Things aren't looking up for Maryland in the Tobias Harris race. Or, actually, Syracuse, for that matter. Or Georgia Tech, Louisville, Kentucky, or West Virginia.

Yeah, it's looking Tennessee right now. While the decision makes no sense to me, he must really like it down there, because he stopped on his way back from Georgia Tech to watch Tennessee throttle UNC-Asheville. Shortly after, Jayvaughn Pinkston, who plays Tobias' position (and is also from NY), announced his decision to delay signing with Tennessee, to whom he had committed to just hours earlier.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. Pinkston might've heard, whether it be from the Tennessee coaches or someone else, that Tobias is going to be a Vol - he very well might've informed Bruce Pearl when he was in Knoxville - and decided to hold off or go elsewhere for playing time reasons.

Obviously, there's nothing official, this is all blind conjecture (albeit logical blind conjecture) and Pinkston has a reputation as a little bit of a nutty dude, but it's not encouraging. Harris is supposed to be signing today and announcing tomorrow, and it's looking very orange right now.

I'm not trying to kill hope here, but it's tough to see it any other way. Just prepare yourself for his announcement.