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Maryland Minute 11.17.09 - Ross Waiting on LOI, Don't Panic

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T-Ross about to throw it dowwwwn
T-Ross about to throw it dowwwwn

Terrence Ross will wait to sign LOI

Is this great news? No. Should you be panicking? Not really.

T-Ross seems as committed to the Terps as any recruit in recent memory (remember he tried to recruit Terrence Jones and Mychal Parker on board, as well). This may have something to do with academics or it could just be that Stu Vetter's players usually wait till the Spring.  Either way, the smart money is still on Ross becoming a Terp. 

Reminder: We Live in the Guard Capital of the US
Thanks, USA Today. They mention Selby, Cook, Marshall, Atkins, and Starks. This hurts a bit. - bbroman

My Take: Surprisingly, this doesn't get easier to swallow every year. 

CHN Is Smart - Picks Maryland to Finish 3rd
Thank you, College Hoops Net, for not succumbing to the GT hype. - bbroman

Tobias Harris' stock skyrockets after focusing on fitness - ESPN
Time to pray that he comes here. If he does, this is some good reading. - bbroman

Jayvaughn Pinkston to Tennessee
Well, we can rule out Tobias there.

I really don't want him to go to Cuse. Really, really, really. - bbroman

Recruiting Report: Meet Ashton Pankey
Sounds like a late bloomer. Good news.

"From seventh to eighth grade I grew from 6 feet to 6-6," Pankey said. "That’s when I had my previous growth spurt. ... At seventh grade, I wasn’t as serious about basketball. During high school, I became more serious."

- bbroman

Men's Soccer Ready to Defend Title
Sasho Cirovski and Co. found out their NCAA Tourney fate last night and they'll face rival Loyola (Md.) this Thursday at Ludwig Field at 7 pm. If they win, they'll take on seventh-seeded Penn State on Sunday.

Terps back in Final Four!!!

Terps Field Hockey, that is. Missy Meharg's dominant program knocked off American 6-1, improving its record to 22-0 and advancing to the Final Four. They'll take on #4 Princeton this Friday at 2. 

Lady Terps 2-0, Too
It could be a rough year, but it isn't yet. - bbro

Deuce Bello With a Monster Slam
It's the second in the video. Dude's just 6-3. I really, really want him. - bbro