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Maryland Minute 11.16.09 - More on Pankey, Terps Going with Four Guards?

If the Terps go with four guards, does that mean this guy's back in the starting lineup?
If the Terps go with four guards, does that mean this guy's back in the starting lineup?

Props to bbroman for the links and analysis today.

Recruiting Report: Ashton Pankey commits to Maryland
Some quotes from Jeff Rivera, his AAU coach:

"I think it’s a win-win situation," said Jeff Rivera, one of Pankey’s AAU coaches with the New York-based New Heights program. "I think it’s a great fit for both Ashton and the University of Maryland. Obviously, Coach [Gary] Williams has seen him and Coach [Chuck] Driesell was following him around this summer and has been to a number of his workouts at St. Anthony's. I think it’ll be good for his potential. Hopefully everything will work itself out."

Throwback Time: Maryland Going Small Against Fairfield
I don't really understand the reasoning behind it - after all, Jin Soo Choi and Steve Goins combined for about - what? - ten minutes a game? Regardless, Maryland will be going to a four guard lineup again.

C.J. Leslie Will Wait Until Spring, Not Listing Maryland
Hopefully we won't need him.

The only visit he's taken is to Kentucky, but he said N.C. State is still on the list, along with Florida, Oregon, Georgia and Connecticut, and there is no leader.

And now onto football...

Yep: Maryland Last in Dinich's Power Rankings
Deservedly so.

Ralph Friedgen: Blame Luck (Again)
Ralph: this isn't working. We don't appreciate it. Move on.

"We're not very lucky..." Friedgen bemoaned. "I'm seeing plays I haven't seen my whole coaching career."

Maryland-BC at 3:30 ON TV
Ha! Two straight weeks!

So what if it's ESPNU?

Took Some Time - Hughes Replaces Wiseman
Look, I think Anthony Wiseman is a good #3 corner, but he was at #1 for the longest time. He was finally replaced against Virginia Tech by the younger, more promising, badass brother having Trenton Huges.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Lots of Football Notes
Maryland football is bad. Maryland football recruiting isn't great. But hey, at least we can dream about football being good in the future.