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Maryland Minute 11.15.09 - Maryland-FSU Heads to Real TV

Well I'll Be - Maryland's on TV
And, believe it or not, it's not ESPNU. Maryland-FSU will be on Raycom at noon.

What did the Harris's think of Maryland?
Via Zags:

"The trip to Maryland went well," said his father, Torrel. "We visited the business school and it was awesome, particularly the entrepreneur department. We meet with the head of admissions. We watched Maryland’s first game of the year [an 89-51 rout of Charleston Southern on Friday]. The fans are crazy and fun. My family had a great sit-down meeting with Gary Williams, who I value as a great coach because he always finds a way to beat Duke and North Carolina with less talent, without All-American players every year. He helps a lot of his players reach their potential.

"I don’t think Coach Williams gets enough credit for his success as others coaches around the country. I consider him a future Hall of Famer. I went with my sons, T.J. and Terry, and the coaches to watch the football game while Tobias, Tyler and the Maryland players went to the movies. "I was impressed that even though the football game was a blowout [a 36-9 loss to Virginia Tech] the Maryland fans were loyal to their team. We had a great meeting with the strength conditioning and strength coach. We just had a very good time at Maryland. It’s a great school, academics through basketball."

Seems like we've got a shot here. We should know for sure on Thursday. - Ben G.

Great Scott! Da'Rel Back This Week
And with that, I have fulfilled by blogger pun duty.

Oh, and Turner might be back for Boston College. Right after Danny O'Brien burns his redshirt.

Reminder: Pankey Deciding Tomorrow
Despite his valiant attempts to build suspense ("maryland or houston which one do I choose? smh"), odds are even that he'll be a Terp.

More on Mike Wise: Turns Out Fridge Didn't Use His Own Money
Well, that article makes even less sense now.

"I was talking to Mike last night about fundraising, and it is a misunderstanding that some of the benefits that the MGN provides for our team, such as the travel to N.C. State and to Wake, was reported was my own personal expenses," Friedgen said. "That is not true. It is from the generosity of supporters of the MGN that provide the money that allowed us to use that money to benefit the football program. I just wanted to make sure that is cleared up, okay."

Last Five Teams Maryland Lost to Are a Combined 1-12 Since

Maryland Institutes Fan Text Protection, No One Uses It

At Florida, where the system is advertised prominently in The Swamp, fans texted 143 times in a Sept. 19 matchup against Tennessee. But at Maryland, only about five texts per home game have been trickling in. "We haven't got as many hits as we were hoping," said Nick Morrow, Maryland's assistant athletic director for facilities, operations and events. "It's been a bit of an education process," Morrow said.

Sterling Gibbs Recruiting Update
Not much new here, although he again emphasizes his Pitt connection (his brother plays for the Panthers). I'd really like to land him in 2011.