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Maryland Minute 11.13.09 - Game Notes, Previews, and the Harrises

Behind Vasquez's Fake Behind the Back Fake Fake
Lots of fakes. I think I counted four.

Will Sean Mosley break out of his shell?
A nice article from the WAPO (yes, the WAPO) about Baltimore's own, Sean "Sugar" Mosley. "Syracuse really didn't fit me," Mosley said. "It's kind of cold up in that area, and the school is kind of old." Listen carefully, Tobias.

Tyler Harris Twitter Updates
Not only is Tyler Harris Tobias' little bro, he's a pretty awesome player himself. He accompanied Tobias on his visit, and his Twitter, thankfully, isn't private. He said that MD fans "are hilarious" and were screaming him and his bro's name. Pretty good.

The Hunt: No. 25, Maryland - The Dagger
The Dagger calls Maryland the 25th most interesting team in the land. I'm cool with that. They also call the Terps "the most overlooked team in the country". Nice!

It's Officially Official: Terrell Stoglin is a Terp

ESPNRise on Terrence Ross
TRoss lets us know why he's a Terp:

"Atmosphere, style of basketball and the recruiting class that's coming in."

Wasn't he the first commit? Whatever. All-America Teams - ESPN
Vasquez gets 2nd All-American nods from Andy Katz and Dicky V. I'd like to see him get a little more love and I think he could be a 2nd team All-American. ~ Dave

Expert predictions for the new season - ESPN
Out of the ten CBB analysts, not one of them picked a team other than UNC or Dook as their ACC champ. Way to go out on a limb, ESPN. ~ Ben G.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know the drill.

Dinich Has a Write-Up on Tomorrow's Opponent
Nothing striking about VT that you probably didn't already know, but if you're bored, it'll do.

The Herald-Sun - Duke plans reunion for Krzyzewski s 1000th game
Why do you care about a party and reunion of the 300+ goofy looking white guys? Because they scheduled it for the weekend the Terps play at Duke. Sounds like a good time for Greivis to reclaim his ownership of Cameron Indoor. ~Dave

Top 25 Team Falls, One Less Spot For Maryland to Climb
Thanks Mississippi State!