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Recruiting Twitter Updates: Tobias Harris, Ashton Pankey

I've said this before, but one of the reasons I really, really love Twitter is because it lets us get halfway decent recruiting info straight from the source, without third parties like Scout or Rivals charging people $100 a year to see it. Thus, I follow both Tobias Harris and Ashton Pankey, two of Maryland's targets, on the newfangled network. Both have updates regarding their respective visits - Harris to Maryland, and Pankey to Houston.

First up, the one you really care about, Tobias Harris. His tweets are private, so I don't want to disclose their full contents, but he actually ran the steps at Byrd on his visit (always working, never smiling). Other than the fact that he and Dino Gregory seem to at least know each other (Dino seems like a friendly guy), there hasn't been much worth mentioning. His brother, however, did say the visit was going good (and not much more).

When there's something more, you'll know it.

As for Pankey, he's tripping down to Houston today. He seems to be enjoying himself, at least enough to make some honest positive comments. (But really, Bun B? Why is that dude still popular?) I will say, however, that some of his comments about the visit ("Damnnn houston is ridiculous ... gotta tough decision on my hands smh") seem a little bit too forced, as if he's trying to keep up suspense for his commitment. I don't blame him - he wants his well-deserved day in the sun, and I'd do the same thing - but I don't think Houston is quite as good as he's attempting to lead us to believe.

That's just speculation, though - who know, maybe he legitimately loves it down there and decides to join an average C-USA program - he would have more playing time, a bigger immediate impact, and quite possibly be happier. You never know. If I had to bet right now, though, I'd still say he's going to be a Terp in a few days.