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Coaching Updates: Porzel, O'Brien, Option

Couple of things that missed the MM here but are important enough to be linked to: first up, it looks like the staff is looking to get the ball to Caleb Porzel in as many ways as possible, which is always a good thing. Porzel's extremely dangerous when he gets the ball in the open field, and I can't imagine any field more open than the field in front of him on a kickoff return.

So it makes sense that Friedgen will pair him with Torrey Smith on the return team, especially because coaches have been kicking away from Smith more and more in the past few weeks. This could be a Clemson-type situation of pick your poison - kick it short and give up the field position right away, or take your chances with two ultra-dangerous kick return guys. I definitely like the thinking there.

I don't, however, so much like the thinking here. You now know that Chris Turner is doubtful (if you didn't, you do now), meaning Jamarr Robinson will be the QB barring a shocker. But Friedgen is still sticking to his guns regarding Danny O'Brien, who he insists will burn his redshirt if need be. The interesting wording is from Jeff Barker, who says that Fridge will play O'Brien "if necessary to win." Not if Robinson gets hurt; if it is necessary to win.

Why? If Robinson does terribly, maybe it's because Virginia Tech is going to massacre Maryland's offensive line. Pulling Robinson after a game, or less, of poor play makes no sense - this isn't actually a bad thing, because we get to see an extended look at Robinson. It's not like Maryland could still make a bowl.

Lastly, Barker says that Friedgen believes the option could make a comeback next year. We saw a play of it last weekend on Turner's rushing TD, but I'd be very happy to see a full-blown option return. I don't need Navy's system, but I'd be very happy with a solid rushing attack. He cites C.J. Brown and Clay Belton as the guys most able to run it - surprisingly, he doesn't mention Jamarr Robinson, who looked plenty afleet of foot last week.

Regardless, with how bad the offense has been this year, I'm wondering if it isn't time for a little option this year.