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Maryland Minute 11.11.09 - Tobias Harris Edition


Tobias Harris Mini-Update

From ESPN:

"I think they have a great coaching staff and a good team, and Gary Williams is a great coach," he said. "He's going to put you in spots to be a great player." ... "I know a lot of guys, Dino Gregory, Jordan Williams, Eric Hayes. I talk to a lot of the guys, Adrian Bowie, a bunch of them," he said.

- Ben Broman

And another from his blog...

"I don't have a favorite yet and I haven't eliminated anyone. I have been talking a lot with my older brother about the different colleges and stuff."

Well, his older brother went to Maryland, so hopefully that means good things. 

And the last one (we promise) from Sporting News...

"...the smart money suggests it'll eventually come down to Tennessee and Syracuse."

This seems to be the consensus with Syracuse out in front as the leader.

C.J. Leslie at NC State Today

"... forward C.J. Leslie of Raleigh, was one of the 150 or so people in attendance. Leslie, who orginally commited to N.C. State but re-opened his recruiting options last spring, surprised his friend with the visit."

"I know he's going to make the right decision," Harrow said. "He doesn't want to play with another point guard besides me."

Does this mean anything? Not really. The two are friends so that's obviously something that would draw Leslie to State. The fact that he's already de-committed from there makes me think it's unlikely he'll sign with the Wolfpack, though. 

CFN Picks VT, Unsurprisingly

34-13 sounds about right. - Ben Broman 

Men's Soccer Bounced by UVA in ACC Quarterfinals

Tough loss for Sasho and the guys. Virginia's Tony Tchani scored the game's only goal in the 87th minute. Now it's time to defend the Natty in the College Cup. 

Virginia Loses Starting Forward

Feel kind of bad for him, but don't feel bad for UVA. - Ben Broman