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Maryland Minute 11.10.09 - Injury Updates

Injury Updates from Patrick Stevens

Turner's questionable, Fulper's out for the year, Hartsfield returns this week, and Da'Rel Scott will practice, but not play. - bbroman

College Basketball Power Rankings - Fox Sports

The Terps don't make the Top 25 cut but three other ACC teams do.  Carolina and Duke are at #5 and #12, respectively, while media-favorite GT comes in at #16. 

Recruiting Report: Darius Kilgo talks Terps commitment

Nothing too revealing, other than he likes Maryland (duh). His offer list is impressive, though. - bbroman

Terps Player Preview: James Padgett " Terrapin Trail

A nice preview of one of the two newbies featuring some video. Padge draws comparisons to Joe Smith, a "Black Tyler Hansbrough," and a crybaby.  It's worth the short read. 

Comparing the Terps and the 'Skins

Jeff Barker takes a look at the eery similarities between the Terps football team and the Redskins.  Hint: it's not pretty. 

ACC Power Rankings - Sporting News

Yea, yea, yea...we're #12.  Moving on...  

Great: Nova's Big Man is Actually 25

Unless that's a typo. I don't know, FIBA's usually pretty accurate. - bbroman

My Take:  Somehow the NCAA still cleared this guy to play.  It's really amazing how terrible they are. 

Money Matters - D1SCOURSE

Did you know that Ralph is making about $1.88 million this season?  Thats roughly $940,000 per win. Not such a bad job.