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Sounds Like Danny O'Brien Is Still an Option

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Look, right now, I can understand those who want Ralph Friedgen to stay on and coach another year, maybe even another two years. But if what looks like may happen actually happens, I won't be able to make any sense of defending him: From Inside MD Sports' Twitter:

Danny O'Brien talk persists. "To me, I've been ready to play Danny two weeks ago," Ralph says...

"I think that if he's the best guy, let's find out what he can do." -- This obviously depends on Turner's status and Robinson's play.

Patrick Stevens confirms:

Friedgen unwilling to say he definitely would not use Danny O'Brien at some stage in the next three games.

It's not a promise or a guarantee that he will use O'Brien at some point, but even considering it is outlandish to me. The three of the best defenses Maryland has to play all year come up in the next three weeks. It's not an ideal situation to give a freshman QB his first playing time. Oh, and I don't know if I really have to say this, but burning his redshirt for three games in a lost season is simply absurd.

If he's really good, then he's really good, but he isn't changing anything this year. It's just a waste of a possibly awesome senior year for him and this program. Playing O'Brien would be ridiculous short-sightedness from Ralph; he shouldn't even consider it. I don't even care if Robinson gets hurt - we have a bunch of converted QBs on the roster, from Torrey Smith to Tony Logan. Just run a full-out wildcat if you have to.

It would be even worse if Robinson wasn't hurt. He looked pretty decent against NCST, so I don't understand the hesitation from Ralph regarding him right now. Also, for all the talk of him getting "an extended look", he sure hasn't gotten much playing time this year.

Maybe I'm grasping for straws here with this, but it's another example of Friedgen not being a strong leader, or at least not making the right decisions.

For what it's worth, Lunch with the Fridge was canceled today. Whether it's Ralph or Debbie, I don't know. Take it at face value.