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Maryland Minute 10.08.09 - Terps Honoring Heise, More Hartsfield

You don't get the title "Mr. Maryland" for nothin.  The Terp family lost a great one this week.
You don't get the title "Mr. Maryland" for nothin. The Terp family lost a great one this week.

Terps Wearing Helmet Sticker Honoring Heise

Jack Heise, a long-time Terp supporter and alum, passed away recently, and Maryland will be wearing a helmet sticker honoring him. He was a great Terp, and does deserve this. - bbroman

All Coming Together For Hartsfield - IMS

Nice free piece on what looks like MD's newest star. This guy should be a force at linebacker for next three/four years.

"We’ve come together a lot the past couple weeks," Hartsfield said. "We all got a feel of how the game’s going to be, we’ve all adjusted to it—especially me, being that it’s my first year playing. It took me a while but now I’m as comfortable as a senior playing."

ESPN Maryland Football Recruiting Overview

Top two players? Coxson and Javarie Johnson. Top team? Penn State. Sigh. - bbroman

My Take: This is becoming a familiar story...

Running Backs Ready To Play - Terps Insider

Would you want it any other way?

"Most of these [freshman] want to play," Franklin said. "I asked D.J. and there was no hesitation. I asked Porzel and there was no hesitation. This is the season. We have been playing the preseason and this is the season now. Everyone understands we play in the ACC and they want to play in those games, those types of games. For either one, it was not an issue whatsoever. If it had been, then maybe it would have been more of a discussion. We’re going to do what we have to do to beat Wake Forest."

More and more, it sounds like that will involve playing D.J. Adams or Caleb Porzel. - bbroman

My Take: I'm torn here.  Part of me doesn't want to burn their redshirts, the other part wants to see what these guys can do.  Regardless, I think both of them are going to be playmakers for us in the future. 

Grobe: Last Season's Loss Was 'Embarrassing' - Terrapins Insider

If he thought losing to the Terps last year was "embarrassing," what's he going to say if WF loses this year

Dinich: Wake 21, Maryland 14

That's reasonable, I guess. - bbroman

Maryland Madness Details

I'll let the marketing guys tell you about it.

"This year's event features a back-to-basics approach, with fireworks and special effects replaced with a brand new 3-point shooting contest featuring a few of the Maryland players, performances by the Maryland Spirit Squad, Dance Team, Band and Gymkana, as well as a few surprises too.

Don't miss out as head coaches Gary Williams and Brenda Frese, along with a few players, discuss their 2009-10 teams and preview the upcoming season, with both squads then taking the court for brief intrasquad workouts."

I've got a good idea for one the surprises. How bout C.J. Leslie and Tobias Harris come out in MD jerseys and announce their commitments? 

Vote For Testudo Times in the Mobbies!

Only two more days to vote and we've moved to #2 in the Best Sports category!  Let's make a final push here people.