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More on the Running Back Situation: Coaches Sending Conflicting Messages

Okay, on one side we have Ralph Friedgen, the head honcho, who says:

"I don't know. We'll have to see [about playing the freshman]," Friedgen said. "They're progressing, but they're still blowing a few pickups. They're working hard. I don't think we'll start them, but we may play them. I don't know how long."

Doesn't exactly sound like Ralph is planning on playing either D.J. Adams or Caleb Porzel. Not closing the door, but it's safe to say they aren't in the plans at the moment.

On the other hand, we have offensive coordinator James Franklin, who says:

"We're planning on doing the same thing this week with Davin, Gary and D.J. (Adams) and possibly (Caleb) Porzel playing," said offensive coordinator James Franklin, who didn't include Morgan Green on the list.

So MG is definitely still out, but it sounds like D.J. is 100% penciled in, while Porzel is a definite possibility. Before you write it off because Ralph has dominion, remember that Franklin can make personnel decisions, too, and at the very least, Fridge will take his opinion into consideration.

If I had to bet on it, I say D.J. Adams gets in the game next week, but that's just a guess.

Now, here's one plea: please, please, please do not burn both of their redshirts. That's a huge waste, messes up the spacing of the roster, and deprives both them of an extra year of development when it's unnecessary to use both of them. Scott is only one back, and Green is still on the team, right?

Also, if they get used, they need to be used. They need to get some kind of meaningful playing time. Burning redshirts isn't something that should be done lightly; actually, that's how Wake Forest does it, and that's why they're actually good. We don't need another Cameron Chism or Matt Furstenburg situation on our hands here.

Okay, off the soapbox. Betting on Adams, hoping for Porzel, and praying against both.