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Maryland Minute 10.07.09 - Terps Offer 2011 Target Hubert

He's been described as a "tremendous athlete," with an "incredible wingspan," and a "young Marcus Camby."  Sign him up.
He's been described as a "tremendous athlete," with an "incredible wingspan," and a "young Marcus Camby." Sign him up.

Terps Offer Desmond Hubert

Good choice. Hubert would be a huge commit for 2011, which has gotten off to a slow start. Looks like he visited last week for the Clemson game, too. Unfortunately, Nova might be tough to beat. - bbroman 

Speaking of Recruiting...

Brenda Frese is pretty good at it.  Yesterday, she received a commitment from ESPN's 13th ranked prospect, Whitney Bays.  This pretty much solidifies her 2010 class as the best in the country.  

Can the Terps win the Atlantic Division? 

Heather Dinich of ESPN puts our chances at #5 out of the 6 Atlantic teams.

The Terps aren’t a bad football team, and they have enough talent at the skill positions. But they’ve got to get better up front and quit turning it over if they’re going to stay in the mix. 

Sounds about right.

Tony Logan Gets the Punt Return Job, Officially

Good. He deserves it.

"He will," Friedgen said. "I thought he did a heck fo a job. I worry about ball security. His arms are all over the place. If he can make somebody miss and as long as he catches the ball, that's definitely the way to go."Seeing how the apparently high-and-tight Anthony Wiseman and Kenny Tate have fumbling issues, I don't think that should be a major concern with Logan.


Hartsfield Up for Player of the Week

A day after being named ACC Freshman of the Week, the praise for Demetrius Hartsfield continues.  He's one of five players nominated for AT&T Player of the Week.  It's the only CFB award determined by fan voting so get out there and vote! 

While You're in the Voting Mood...

Help us out and vote for Testudo Times in the Mobbie Awards!  

CFN Picks WF (Except for the Chicken)

God, this chicken loves us. - bbroman

ACC shuffles bowl lineup for 2010

No more Gator Bowl. :( I'm really not a Champs Sports Bowl fan. - bbroman