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Gary Williams Undergoes Surgery, Is Good

I was a bit shocked when I first read this. Gary Williams had surgery? He wasn't planned to, not that I had heard of. So was there some sort of emergency? Is our HOF coach harmed? I was freaking out until I found an article that offers a bit more explanation.

Luckily, it turns out this had been planned. There was a "disc problem" that had been giving him pain, but it doesn't seem to be serious. He underwent surgery today, and is now at home. Everything went according to plan, and he'll be out coaching and recruiting Tobias Harris again in no time. From Jeff Barker:

Maryland men's basketball coach Gary Williams is out of the hospital after undergoing a procedure to repair a disc problem.

There were no issues with the surgery, and Williams is resting at home.

The procedure was designed to fix a disc problem that had existed for some time but had grown increasingly painful.

So if you see something that says "Gary Williams has successful surgery", don't freak out and immediately begin clamoring about finding a phone or a laptop or something with some kind of connection to the outside world other than Twitter, please (that's what happened to me, if you couldn't tell).

Oh, and if you were wondering: 9 days until Maryland Madness, everybody. Nine days until basketball season.