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Maryland Minute 10.06.09 - Campbell Could Play Saturday

It could be a long game for Chris Turner if this guy doesn't see the field on Saturday.
It could be a long game for Chris Turner if this guy doesn't see the field on Saturday.

Campbell Not Necessarily Out for Wake

There is hope!

"Right now, Bruce is not out of it for this week," Friedgen said. Ralph didn't say if Campbell would play, and indicated he had been held from practice yesterday. A decision apparently will be made later in the week.


My Take: I saw Campbell walking around today in what looked like a knee brace and he didn't look all that bad.  I don't know if we can beat Wake without him on the O-line. 

2011 BB Recruiting Heating Up

IMS has two great insider articles on two of Maryland's bigger targets for 2011, Desmond Hubert and Sterling Gibbs. I'm pretty high on Hubert.  From what I've read and seen, he seems like a James Gist type player. 

Len Bias' death part of major ESPN series - Washington Times

This hour-long documentary, entitled 'Without Bias', is a must see for any Maryland fan. Just finished watching the first of ESPN's "30 for 30" documentaries on Wayne Gretzky and it was awesome.  

Tracking the Terps: Assessing Maryland's mood

Davin Meggett is machine-esque:

"I fumbled last Saturday. I forgot it Saturday night," said Meggett, the team’s second-leading rusher with 134 yards. "I was reminded of it Sunday and Monday. When we returned to practice I was punished for it. Today, Tuesday, there is no such thing as a fumble. I don’t fumble."


More ACC Power Rankings - The Diamondback

The Diamondback says #8. Heather Dinich has the Terps at #10. The ACC is so jumbled that you could probably but Maryland anywhere from seven to eleven.    

ACCA Scenario: My Head Hurts

So, Maryland could win the division and end up with a losing record? Radical. Even stranger, none of the scenarios are particularly implausible. - bbroman

My Take: If last year's embarrassing 37-3 thrashing from FSU taught me anything, it's that I shouldn't waste my time worrying about ACC Championship scenarios until the Terps plays a little more consistently. 

If You Still Care: Terrence Jones Visit Dates

Probably don't, but it's Oklahoma, Washington, 'Zona, Kentucky, Oregon, and UCLA. - bbroman