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Maryland Minute 10.05.09 - ACC Power Rankings, Terps/Hoos Time Announced

Props to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today.

ACC Power Rankings: Week 6

Terps at 10. Seems to be the consensus.

Terps-'Hoos on ESPNU at 4

We're on TV again!

Dinich Still Thinks Fridge's Seat is Hot  

Ralph comes in at #5.

The Terps got lucky against Clemson, and Friedgen, in his postgame press conference, got cocky. He reminded everyone he’s a respected coach who can find another job if the folks at Maryland don’t want him. If the Terps are home for Christmas, he might want to start looking. 

Some choice words from Dinich.  I don't think I'd characterize our win as lucky.  Clemson may be the more talented team but they got outplayed on Saturday. - bagold   

2011 Target Trevor Cooney Possesses the Perfect Jump Shot

So says SLAM, who attempts to build the perfect floor general:

More of a combo guard than a true lead man, Cooney has a chance to have a similar impact on the college game as JJ Redick and Gerry McNamara. The country’s best shooter can knock it down off the curl, the dribble or with his feet set. Simply put, he’s a one man zone buster.

Dontae Johnston To N.C. State

Never seemed like a priority for Maryland, but if you were interested in the NJ safety, he'll be a Wuffie.

Imagine Kansas With Lance Stephenson

Kansas basketball has had a couple of interesting developments: first the fight between basketball and football players, during which Lance surely would've chucked a ball at the kicker, and now Brady Morningstar was arrested for DUI. Why can't Born Ready be there?

The Terps' Best Quarter of the Season...

Was the 2nd quarter of last Saturday's game against Clemson.  As always, Pat Stevens has the statistical breakdown. - bagold

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