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Maryland Minute 10.4.09 - Clemson Win Fallout (The Good Kind of Fallout)

Welcome back to ACC Roulette - Dr. Saturday

Maryland had about as bad a September as it could have had -- its second straight loss to a Sun Belt team, an overtime escape against a I-AA team, and blowouts at the hands of Rutgers and Cal -- and still some of us saw the Terps coming a mile away here as a two-touchdown home underdog. Maryland with its back against the wall early against Clemson with nothing particular on the line is almost like shooting fish in a barrel at this point. It's the ACC; it's how they do.

So Maryland and Virginia, the conference's worst teams over the first four weeks, led by beleaguered coaches bound for the chopping block, currently sit atop their respective divisions at 1-0 in conference play. At least one of them is going to a bowl game for the third straight year. You know this; you can't explain it, but you know it. And so it begins.

More on Campbell's Injury
Doesn't sound good:

"If it’s torn that’s not good," said Friedgen, whose team surprised Clemson after a 1-3 start. "If it’s stretched, there’s a chance he could come back. I’m kind of hoping and praying for the best because we really need him. It really thins us out on the offensive line if we don’t have him."

Ralph Is Plenty Defiant
Shades of Gary Williams:

"I don't feel pressure. If they don't want me here, I'll go somewhere else," Friedgen said. "I think I'm pretty well-respected in the profession. I had a bunch of Clemson coaches come up to me afterward and talked to me and wished me the best. So as long as I've got my kids, that's all I'm [worried about]."

Unsung Hero: Nick Ferrara - Sun
Without a doubt. Travis Baltz might be fighting for his job.

Maryland Is a Class Clown - Dr. Saturday
Can't argue with that.

Talk about knowing how to play to an audience. Maryland gave an adoring if bewildered public exactly what we asked for, outlasting a more talented Clemson team 24-21 in the Terps' ACC opener. For its next trick, UMD will inevitably lose to Virginia and Duke en route to an inexplicable seven-win season and a bowl berth. Joy buzzers will play an integral role. We are serious about all of this.

Don't Worry About RB Too Much - D1scourse
In summary: Maryland's never lacked a solid RB, not since LaMont Jordan. Finding a replacement won't be as hard as you might expect.

What We Learned - Dinich

3. Virginia and Maryland aren’t done yet. The Terps and Cavaliers rallied this weekend when it mattered most -- against conference opponents. After a bumbling start that included one suspect win over James Madison, Maryland overcame the talent and speed of Clemson in a 24-21 win. Virginia, after a dreadful 0-3 start that had many screaming the annual "Groh must go" chant, beat UNC in its own stadium by stifling the Tar Heels’ already inept offense. Despite their embarrassing starts, neither team can be counted out after early division wins.

I never realized how much people hate Heather Dinich. I mean, sure, she's not a football genius, but some of the comments are ridiculous (and funny).

Ryan Donohue Burns Redshirt
That's six.

Clay Belton Officially Added to Maryland's Roster
In case it wasn't official enough, for some reason, Clay Belton is now on Maryland's roster. He'll be #7. Everyone seems to forget about him; he should challenge for the starting spot next year.

Terrence Jones ESPN Profile
Interesting note pointed out by word2bigbird in a FanPost:

What is known is that Jones has seven schools in the mix: Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Washington and UCLA. Maryland remains on the periphery.

On the periphery? Hmm...that's strange wording. Might Maryland still be in this race?

Vote For Testudo Times in the Mobbies!
Still third in sports, but with an up arrow! Still fourth in Terps, unfortunately. C'mon folks, we need your help! We might quit if we don't win...okay, not really. We're sorry we resorted to threats.