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Injury Notes: Scott Might Be Not Be Out For Year, Campbell Out This Week

First, the good news: sounds like Da'Rel Scott may not be out for the rest of the year, which was what we hearing earlier. Per Patrick Stevens:

The major news of Ralph Friedgen's Sunday teleconference was that tailback Da'Rel Scott could in fact return in time for Maryland's late-November date with Florida State.

Not exactly the most info in the world, but that could be a huge boost in a game that, if the ACC continues looking like it does right now, could have serious conference implications.

On that note, Inside MD Sports reports that Ralph mentioned that Caleb Porzel will likely be off the injury list this week, and might actually work into the rotation.

Some people had been wondering if he or D.J. Adams would burn their shirts to replace Scott; if Porzel actually gets playing time, I'm all for it. He's at a C.J. Spiller or Jahvid Best level of explosiveness and escapability - he's not as complete as either of those backs, mind you. That presents something that Maryland doesn't have even with Scott on the field.

It also presents the opportunity to use him on punt returns with Tony Logan, who has proved himself completely capable of being a big-time PR already. That doubles the explosiveness and makes it impossible (well, very difficult) to kick away from them.

If he's not ready to go, though, then don't push it. If he is, don't be afraid to burn the shirt, as long as he gets used.

Now, onto the bad news: Bruce Campbell is definitely out for this week. He's Maryland second-most irreplaceable player (behind only Chris Turner) and the line will suffer because of it. It's time to find a capable backup - Paul Pinegar looked okay against JMU and MTSU, but will probably get torn apart against an ACC school. Is it R.J. Dill? Does a freshman burn a redshirt? Would they be any better? That's a rough situation.