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The ACC Atlantic Is, Well, a Mess

What a conference, huh?

Maryland is on top of the ACCA with a 1-0 record, despite being tied for the worst record overall. They're followed by BC, 2-1, and Wake Forest, 1-1. Then it's Clemson, NCSt, and Florida State. 

Funnily enough, that's exactly the order most predicted...completely flipped. In table format, it looks like this:

Atlantic Coast Conference Standings

Atlantic Division Conf Overall
Maryland Terrapins 1 0 2 3
Boston College Eagles 2 1 4 1
Wake Forest Demon Deacons 1 1 3 2
Clemson Tigers 1 2 2 3
N.C. State Wolfpack 0 1 3 2
Florida St. Seminoles 0 2 2 3

Yes, the ACC is unpredictable as ever, and this is confusing as listening to Lou Holtz talk about college football. FSU, despite probably having the most talent, is facing a very up-hill battle to win the division. NCSt, armed with the best QB in the conference, is still looking for some kind of consistency, and their road is even tougher than FSU's, believe it or not.

Meanwhile, from Maryland, BC, or Wake's standpoint, the road is paved. The teams they most have to beat - each other - might be the least talented in the conference.

BC is the favorite at this point; they only have to play VT, NCSt, Virginia, UNC, and Maryland. Of those five, only VT really looks imposing to the Eagles. Looking at FSU, they still have Georgia Tech, UNC, NCSt, Clemson, Wake and Maryland. Outside of Maryland, unfortunately, none of those look like easy wins. Looks like the reports of FSU's comeback were greatly exaggerated.

If you're really looking ahead (you shouldn't be), Maryland's schedule still has Wake Forest, UVA, Duke, NCSt, VT, FSU, and BC. If they want any shot, they have to win the next three and probably beat BC. Actually, that's possible, if they play like they did against Clemson, but highly unlikely.

I love the ACC for stuff like this. I also hate the ACC for stuff like this. More love than hate, though.